Peer-reviewed Journals

“Pension Plans and Retirement Insecurity”, Aging International, 2018, 43(4): 438-462.

“Who Supports the Sunflower Movement? An Examination of Nationalist Sentiments”, Journal of Asian and African Studies, 2017, 52(8): 1193-1212. (with Fang-yu Chen)

**  Third Place Winner for the 2015-2016 Michigan State University S.C. Lee Best Paper Competition for Graduate Student 

Work In Progress

Nationalism, Threat, and Support for Trade  / with Kristine Kay and Fang-yu Chen (under review) 

  • Presented at the American Association for Chinese Studies Annual Conference (2014), the Midwest Political Science Association Annual Conference (2015), the Taiwan and Asia Program Conference, the Decision Science Collaborative Research Forum at the Ohio State University (2016).

Converting Eligibility Into Participation: How Income Insecurity Drives Social Policy Demand in Developing Countries (work in progress) 

  • Presented at the American Political Science Association Annual Conference (2016)

Are Voters Turning Left? Labor Market Dualization and Political Behaviors in Taiwan / with Fang-Yu Chen (under review

  • Presented at the Midwest Political Science Association Annual Conference (2016), North America Taiwanese Studies Association Annual Conference (2016)

Master Thesis 

(2010). A Reform without TransformationGlobalization and Financial Supervisory Reform in Taiwan 《沒有變革的改革-全球化與台灣金融監理改革》. Department of Political Science, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan. (in Chinese)