Journal Articles

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** Third Place Winner for the 2015-2016 Michigan State University S.C. Lee Best Paper Competition for Graduate Student 

[1] “The Political Logic of Financial Supervision in Taiwan.” Taiwan International Law Quarterly, 2017, 14(1): 103-134. (in Chinese) (editor-reviewed)

Book Chapter

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Book Review

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Policy Report

Social Accountability and Service Delivery in Rural Cambodia: A Report on the Results of the Social Accountability Framework Impact Evaluation Baseline Survey. The World Bank Group, 2018. (with Trang Pham, Andrew Beath, and Kamakshi Nadisha Perera Mubarak)

Master Thesis 

A Reform without Transformation-Globalization and Financial Supervisory Reform in Taiwan 沒有變革的改革-全球化與台灣金融監理改革, 2010, Department of Political Science, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan. (in Chinese)